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Why choose PhorKids

PhorKids is the design adapted to the Phoria that relaxes the convergence, giving to the kid a natural posture for a better control of the myopia.

This product is born due to the A/CA relation for many Myopic Kids, with a strong Endo Phoria increasement at near vision with their usual single vision lenses. This binocular behavior increases the myopia value.

It is important to control the progression of myopia because:

– Myopia worsens children´s eyesight

– Myopia decreases children´s quality of life

– Worsening myopia increases the risk of your children suffering severe eye issues in the future.


Calculation Technology


Biomechanical Design

Optometric Data


Optometric & Physical Data

Classical Data


– Fitting Height

Optometric Data

– Dominant Eye at near

– Phoria

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