Airlens Biomechanical Designer

Airlens Biomechanical Designer

Airlens Biomechanical Designer is our Freeform surfaces calculation system that takes into account the Optometric and also all the physical data, to create perfectly fitted designs for the user and minimizing any kind of aberration.

  • – Progressive surfaces with distance and near vision through exactly toric surfaces. 
  • – Progressive surfaces adaptable to the Phoria.
  • – Progressive surfaces adaptable to the dominant eye.
  • – Calculation of the ellipses of minimum area containing the frame.
  • – Thinning prism for minimum thickness differences on the edge, even combined with prescription prism.
  • – Decentered lenses for minimum blank size.
  • – Compensation for both face form wrap and pantoscopic tilt in terms of powers, prism and near.
  • – Reference Point position.**
  • – Accounting of real back vertex – corneal apex distance and near vision distance.**
  • – Degressive designs with default far working distance or degression set by user.
  • – Lenticularization for edge thickness reduction. 
  • – Thickness calibration for lens center, frame edge and safety outside the frame.
** Features based on exact refraction calculation instead of approximated third-order theory

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