Optometric Lens Design for your Lab

The patented Optometric Lenses © Design, improves user´s performance and gives the chance for your lab to be unique, and get the tool that will open the market for you.


What Does The Market Request?

User Ilustration


The lens user wants to feel better and improve the visual performance.

Optometrist Illustration


The optometrist wants differentiation in the optics market.

Laboratory Illustration


The lab wants unique designs that makes it feel unique in the market.

Optometric lenses Design

Biomechanics of vision relates binocular and physical data to enhance the human´s visual performance through optometric lenses designs.

Lenses Design adapted to the Phoria

The only lens design that outstandingly adapt to unique functional visual behaviors.

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Patented Technology

We have patented our technology in different countries around the world such as, EU, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Japan and Brazil.

Extra added value for the lenses designs through the optometry, actually adapting them to the phoria.

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